Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Best Places to Visit in 2017

We get mesmerised whenever the word ‘travel’ comes to our minds. Travelling makes us learn so many new things. It gives us the exposure to new places and makes our mind refreshed. Let's welcome 2017 with most of the travel lovers would have started to make the list of places to travel in this year. As there are lots of places to visit, which is the best place to visit? To remove such a dilemma we took advice from Dev Sarwal to know the best travelling destinations of the world.


Seam Reap in Cambodia has in recent times become the most visited places. It catches the attention of tourists across the globe.

Angkor Wat in Cambodia


Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. Hanoi is the second largest city of Vietnam. People visiting Vietnam; surely make their way to Hanoi. You can see a amalgamation of various cultures over the years.

Classic Vietnam

Czech Republic

If you enjoy partying, sightseeing, sharing a beer with your friends then Prague is certainly the place for you. Prague is in the central Europe and has become the preferred place for European adventures.

Prague's Charles Bridge in Czech Republic


London is among the most visited cities in the world. This well explains the fact that it is a must visit place.

London Attractions


The city of love, Paris is well suited for the solo and couple travelers. There is so much that this city can offer, whether it is the view of Eiffel Tower or the other scenic backgrounds. You will fall in love with this place.

New York City

This place needs no foreword.


If you like to adventure sports like skiing, you should visit Zermatt. You can enjoy the Mountain View while staying in the resorts near Zermatt.


If you want to enjoy fascinating architecture and experience great food then you must visit Barcelona. There are so many places in there, that you cannot ignore any of them.


It is one of the most favourite destinations of the travellers. You can enjoy ride in the hot air balloons over the sea.


The fantastic food, spiritual ambience, colourful sunsets and the serenity, Ubud has it all. It has got welcoming locals; it lies in the heart of Bali. You will fall in love with this place.


St. Petersburg is cultured, historical and oozing with charm. You cannot miss this place.


Athens is often criticised for being unorganised and dirty but it has unmatched history. Dev Sarwal recommends it to have a place in your journey.

Apart from the listed places Budapest, Queenstown, Hong Kong, Dubai, Sydney are other must visit places across the globe. You must find some time to visit these places.